Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My first post

My Introduction to Chess:

A life changing event happened about three years ago, when my grandpa brought me an old 20 year old box with funny plastic pieces and a board with red and black squares. It was an ancient royal game known as chess and the set belonged to my mom. I just fell in love with the mystical nature of the pieces and moves they could do. I could play a legal game within two days and kept improving with every game. That is how it all started and I embarked in pursuit of my new found passion.


I am now 7 years old and have won several tournaments including state and national championship. My first championship win was the Calchess state grade level (K) and I won all my 5 games. I was the happiest kid in the world and realized that chess was rewarding too. I had been playing chess for only 2 months. I repeated this feat several times later.

Recently I made a record of winning first ever three consecutive Calchess state championships. I won Kindergarden - 2007, K-3 section - 2008 (while in 1st grade) and K-5 section - 2009 (while in 2nd grade). Calchess has many superstar young players like FM Daniel Naroditsky, IM Samuel Shankland, and NM Nicholas Nip. I feel very proud amongst these big players and hope to be like them. Some of my key accomplishments are listed below:

  • US National Champion K-1 2008 (won 7/7)
  • Bronze medal at North American championships 2007 in Under-8 category (youngest player at the tournament)
  • Calchess State K-5 co-champion 2009 (while in 2nd grade)
  • Calchess State K-3 champion 2008 (while in 1st grade)
  • Calchess State Kindergarden champion 2007 (5/5)
  • Current #1 ranking in the US for age 7 years


I am honored to be invited to represent the country in two prestigious tournaments as official representative: Pan-am youth and World youth championships. This year I aim to win a medal for my country at the upcoming Pan-Am and World Youth championships.