Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My first post

My Introduction to Chess:

A life changing event happened about three years ago, when my grandpa brought me an old 20 year old box with funny plastic pieces and a board with red and black squares. It was an ancient royal game known as chess and the set belonged to my mom. I just fell in love with the mystical nature of the pieces and moves they could do. I could play a legal game within two days and kept improving with every game. That is how it all started and I embarked in pursuit of my new found passion.


I am now 7 years old and have won several tournaments including state and national championship. My first championship win was the Calchess state grade level (K) and I won all my 5 games. I was the happiest kid in the world and realized that chess was rewarding too. I had been playing chess for only 2 months. I repeated this feat several times later.

Recently I made a record of winning first ever three consecutive Calchess state championships. I won Kindergarden - 2007, K-3 section - 2008 (while in 1st grade) and K-5 section - 2009 (while in 2nd grade). Calchess has many superstar young players like FM Daniel Naroditsky, IM Samuel Shankland, and NM Nicholas Nip. I feel very proud amongst these big players and hope to be like them. Some of my key accomplishments are listed below:

  • US National Champion K-1 2008 (won 7/7)
  • Bronze medal at North American championships 2007 in Under-8 category (youngest player at the tournament)
  • Calchess State K-5 co-champion 2009 (while in 2nd grade)
  • Calchess State K-3 champion 2008 (while in 1st grade)
  • Calchess State Kindergarden champion 2007 (5/5)
  • Current #1 ranking in the US for age 7 years


I am honored to be invited to represent the country in two prestigious tournaments as official representative: Pan-am youth and World youth championships. This year I aim to win a medal for my country at the upcoming Pan-Am and World Youth championships.


Amit said...

You will go a long way, and I wish you all the success in your life.

Soumen said...

We're proud of you!!! Cary on your good work.. don't rest till you get your GM norm

Vivek said...

Rock on Tanuj! Enjoy the game and enjoy Argentina!

supritha said...

Hi Tanuj,
How is it going? Hope you are having fun. Please eat well. All the best for your game from all of us.
Varun missed saying all the best before you left and conveys the same.

tina said...

Tanuj,We're all proud of you.God bless.Tauji,Taiji,Kriti and Kahini

Kapil said...

Way to go Tanuj!! Please post your games for all of us back home to see!

supritha said...

Hi Tanuj,

Good well and have fun.Can't wait to see you and hear all about your experience.

Supritha Aunty

supritha said...

Hi Tanuj,

Good well and have fun.Can't wait to see you and hear all about your experience.

Supritha Aunty

WCM Claudia Munoz said...


I am WCM Claudia Munoz, we met you in the North American Youth Chess Championship 2007 in Mexico.

I hope you remember us, we are pulling for you!


pritha said...

Tanuj Dear,

You are an awesome Player!!!
Best of Luck n Keep Going!!!!!

Lots of Wishes!!!!

pritha said...

Tanuj Dear,

What an amazing move...
We are proud of you...

Best of luck for future rounds!!!!

Sharmi said...

Keep up the good work!!! We are all very proud of you. God bless and our best wishes to u always.

See you soon.

pritha said...

Well Done ..


Ron said...


Congratulations on your accomplishments in the world of chess. Most importantly, you seem like a very good sport!

Best wishes for continued success,