Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 3 Round 1 WYCC 2009, Antalya

In round 1 I played with Bora Gecer from the host country. I had an okay game and advanced to second round in about an hour and a half. In general, US team had a good first round. Winston (U-8) and Simone(U-10G) both won.

Hotel Limra is a very big hotel and well suited for such a large tournament. However the facilities are pretty basic and some inadequate. Biggest gripe was no Internet access in room or elsewhere at the hotel. Food is already getting monotonous and need a change. Planning to go to the Italian restaurant for dinner. I hope they serve good ravioli:)

My dad will tweet if Internet is available. You can also follow the event at

Team meeting earlier in the day.

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supritha said...

Hi Tanuj,
Good to know you are having fun too.
Take lot of pics we all want to see them.
Varun is excited.
All the best