Monday, August 17, 2009

3 days, 3 rounds and 3 points

Just completed 3 days in Mar Del Plata and with three points in three rounds, so far so good. With only 21 players in this section there are only two players with 3 points and I am playing the other in round#4.

In general, US team has been doing pretty well with following players leading their sections:
Tanuj Vasudeva, Under 8 Open
Tommy He, Under 10 Open
Arthur Shen, Under 12 Open
Vincent Huang, Under 16 Open
Annie Wang, Under 8 Girls
My games are getting increasingly competitive with every round. Round#1 was against an opponent from Chile. It turned out to be a short 16 move game and I was happy to be out in about 30 minutes. He dropped a bishop then a knight and then resigned when I had a mate in two. Round#1 game is below.

I will publish more games later.

Some games from this tournaments are now available live at the following site:
Pan-Am Youth 2009 Click on "Visor De Partidas" and then "VISOR ABSOLUTO" for open section.

The results are also being posted at the following site:

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Mike said...

Great game Tanuj! I cant wait to see the rest of them! Keep up the great work! Bring home the gold!