Thursday, August 20, 2009

With 7 points and two more rounds to go

Just had lunch with Shyam and his dad at my favorite place, Retro cafe. Trying to figure out spanish words is becoming interesting now. Por Favor means please. But they say it so fast it sounds like "porpapor".

I won round 7 against Carlos Avila from Bolivia. It was a simple game I won a pawn early and just took him to end game promoted and won.

Next I play Alejandro Santillan from Argentina. This is my second black in a row but first Argentinian.

Some pictures:

Round 7 I was black against Carlos Avila from Bolivia

Coach Aviv wishing me good luck before round 7

Just saw my picture at USCF website. Thanks to Jennifer.


Ted Castro said...

Congratulations Tanuj! Job well done. We're so proud of you.

bitopi said...

Congratulations Beta! you did it:)
God Bless You!

WCM Claudia Munoz said...

Congrat on your GOLD MEDAL!

urvi said...

Congratulation Tanuj for your achievements...God Bless You