Friday, August 21, 2009

Having fun after the tournament

I won the last round with Ivan Gonzalez from Argentina. I was playing white and it turned out to be another short and simple game.

Here it is for all to see:

Here are some pictures:

Round 9 I played against Ivan Gonzalez with white.

A lot of people were asking me for picture with them. I gave them all a happy smile.

A beaming smile.

Our only picture together.


fpawn said...

A golden smile indeed! Congratulations to Tanuj. You'll have to wait until Labor Day to get your high five from me. :-)

Ted Castro said...

Congratulations kiddo! I'm so proud of you . . . you've come a long way. Slowly you're making your dreams come true. Next stop, World Youth!

Michael said...

wow it looked like you smashed your opponents pretty badly. congrats

AKSHAT said...

and best wishes for your future tournaments
FM Akshat Khamparia